who we are

Our Mission

At A&S consultants we strive to provide Accurate & Safe services to our clients.

 To provide proactive, cost-efficient consultancy, training, equipment & other services in the occupational health and safety industry while holding steadfast to the core principles of professionalism, integrity, adaptability, and credibility.

We create solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each client, and the solutions we provide are intended to increase efficiency in operations and minimize loss.

We at A&S Consultants and Distributors are firmly committed to being our client’s partner in making the workplace more safer, efficient and productive through the delivery of high quality consultancy & general services. We take pride in our diverse knowledge of Health & Safety, Engineering and Maintenance issues. Our clients can be assured that A & S Consultants and Distributors will be there for them to assist in adding value to their workplace.

Driven by our strong company values






Meet the Team

Mr. Shirley is a qualified Industrial Engineer with more than 20 years of experience as an occupational health and safety professional within the safety and engineering field. He is registered with the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OPSE).
Over the course of his expansive career, Mr. Shirley’s experience has accumulated an impressive resume and contributed to his stellar reputation, amassed through service provision across several sectors in multiple different countries.

Shanroy Shirley (B.Eng, CRSP.)

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Gay Haye holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting; she has accounting experience in the private, public and government sectors. Her work over the years includes but is not limited to external auditing of businesses of various industries and size. Ms. Haye currently holds the position of Assistant Managing Director that is responsible for overall operations, effective and successful management of labour, productivity and quality control.

Peter Gay Haye (BSc Hons)

Assistant Managing Director

Shevel Gunter is a certified Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OESH) Professional. She has amassed great knowledge in her field by conducting trainings, executing projects and auditing processes in different industries. Ms. Gunter is passionate and committed to enhancing the health and safety culture in organizations.

Shevel Gunter (BSc Hons)

Health and Safety Sales Representative and Trainer